Hey y’all!

So I recently moved to West Texas and if you know anything about West Texas you know it’s pretty much all flat lands! But, that can be an amazing thing! Because these flat lands grow all kinds of beautiful things. One of them being cotton! Yess! When you drive by these cotton fields, it looks like a field of snow and it’s so etheral. And it makes for a great place to take some engagement pictures! Last weekend I got the chance to take pictures of Nica and Ryan at one of these fields.

Nica and Ryan also recently moved to Lubbock because Ryan matched into the Texas Tech family medicine program with my husband. The cute couple met back in college in New Mexico and have been together for about 7 years and just recently in May- Ryan proposed! Nica told me that it wasn’t much of a surprise because Ryan is pretty bad at keeping secrets-something else Ryan has in common with my husband haha. But hey! When you know, you just know! 

Hope y’all enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them! Be sure to click on a picture to see the full size.